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CHYLEANNA Snail Collagen Face Cream

CHYLEANNA Snail Collagen Face Cream

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Ingredient: Snail Collagen

Feature: Anti-Aging

Snail Collagen Skin Care Sets is rich in snail essence, hyaluronic acid and tremella extract. It can moisturize the dry skin, repair damaged skin and enhance skin's elasticity. It can solve the skin problems like rough skin, dull skin and fine lines. Prolonged use can pemanently maintain the youthful state of the skin. It can fade fine lines and reduce dark circles, make your eyes young and bright.

Steps for usage

1. After skin care, take an appropriate amount of eye cream to the skin evenly around the eyes. Rub your eyes gently with your fingertips. Gently pat skin with finger tip outwards for promoting absorption.                                                                                                           

2. Dispense 2-4 drops of serum into the palm .Apply to face and neck massage and tap gently to promote absorption. Then use cream or mask to moisten the face.
3. Use a cream or mask.

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