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CHYLEANNA Anti Aging Wrinkle Remover Face Cream

CHYLEANNA Anti Aging Wrinkle Remover Face Cream

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 Ingredient: Peptide essence

Feature: Anti-Aging

NET WT: 50 g

Main Ingredient:

Water, butylene glycol. Squalane, glycerin, sclerotin, hydrogenated sweet almond oil, iso-iso-tertyl ester, octanoic acid, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl glucoside
Glycerol polymethacrylate, propylene glycol. Polydimethylsiloxane, gentian root extract, nicotinamide, tocopheryl acetate
, glyceryl stearate, hexapeptide-11, acetyl hexapeptide-8, sodium hyaluronate, rose oil, carbomer, allantoin, sodium hydroxide

Product efficacy:
Internationally recognized anti-wrinkle ingredient: six peptides
Effectively improve and repair skin wrinkles, fine lines, etc.
Hydrolyzed collagen promotes collagen synthesis and leaves skin elastic
Hyaluronic acid effectively hydrates, nourishes deeply, moisturizes for a long time

Skin type: all skin, dry skin effect is better

Usage method:
1 Clean your facial skin
2 Use the palm of your hand or make-up cotton to apply evenly to the face.
3 Gently tap till it is absorbed
Tips: recommend use twice a day (day and night). continuous using. skin must improve. 

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